While being in practice for over 20 years combined, we have seen many patients present with subtle symptoms of dehydration and volume depletion such as fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps, palpitations, and a decrease in mental acuity often described as a sensation of “floating through time and space.” Usually, these patients undergo an array of cardiac and neurologic testing with no clear explanation for their symptoms. 

Our bodies are constantly losing electrolytes through sweat and other metabolic processes.  Caffeine which is mostly consumed in the form of coffee and tea can accelerate this electrolyte loss. Hydration with water alone can contribute to dysregulation of vital cellular electrolyte homeostasis. 

Leveraging medical science and common sense, we observed a correlation between electrolyte hydration and improvement in common and subtle symptoms of dehydration such as headaches, palpitations, muscle cramps, and a general feeling of unwellness. For this reason, we have been proponents of electrolyte hydration. Many patients feel better after starting electrolyte hydration however they complain that most of the products on the market feel too “artificial.” 

It was for this reason that we decided it was time to design a more natural solution that could provide electrolyte hydration without artificial flavors and coloring.

LEKTR-A-LYTE® can help you feel complete and vibrant so that you may focus on your life and those that are important to you.

My journey into medicine began first with an interest in science. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Stony Brook University. It was there that I built the foundation to achieve better insight into mechanisms underlying the disease processes I would study in medical school. After achieving my Doctor of Medicine degree, I left my native New York to pursue Internal Medicine training at the Morehouse School of Medicine in the greater Atlanta area. I continued to hone my skills as both a physician and an educator, serving as a chief medical resident and also an instructor in the department of internal medicine.

The study of kidney disease provided the platform upon which to combine a passion for physiology with the desire to help my community. As such, I returned to New York for a Nephrology fellowship at NYU Winthrop Hospital. Through ongoing scholarship and a focus on patient-centered care, I achieved expertise in diagnosing and treating a vast array of kidney-related entities including end-stage renal disease as well as fluid and electrolyte disorders. 



Dr. Adalbert Pilip attended Stony Brook University for his undergraduate studies where he completed a degree in Psychology with Magna Cum Laude. He received his medical training at Technion School of Medicine in Israel and completed his Internal Medicine Internship and Residency at a prestigious Albert Einstein School of Medicine Montefiore Medical Center. He subsequently completed his cardiology fellowship at Stony Brook University Medical Center. He is dual board-certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology and has been in practice for over 15 years.