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WCBS 7/20/2022 6:00:34 PM: …  staying hydrated is critical, whether you are working outside or just waiting for a bus.>> stay the shade is much as you can, that is my advice.>> seniors need to be because they get very dehydrated and their body doesn’t tell them until it is too late.>> thsands of packets of the ectrolyte additive donatto fire pit departments across long island.>> take a day like to now picture yourself 80 poundof gear, now picture yourself jumping into a pressure hookup. >> it is so critical to recognize symptoms, the dizziness, the mental haze. >> doctors recommend 30 ounces of day of elecytes watin this heat. >> i had a headache and a pain in my g, i just passed out. >> meantime, cooling centers are open, beaches and fuel — pulls have hours. >> and believe or not in this heat, 80 and 90-year-olds were playing softball. they played twobleheaders a week with the new york senior softball association, today’s game honoring the 60th anniversary of th mets was cut …


Smithtown doctors create drink powder with electrolytes and vitamin mixture

As Dr. Kamal Nayyar and Dr. Adalbert Pilip treat their patients at New York Comprehensive Medical Care at 732 Route 347, in Smithtown, including coronavirus (COVID-19) patients suffering from heart palpitations, fatigue, headaches and brain fog that lingered after the virus is gone, they began to notice a common denominator dehydration.
Dr. Pilip, a cardiologist, caring for the heart, and Dr. Nayyar, a nephrologist, caring for the kidneys, who have been partners for three years caring for about 20,000 patients, have come up with a remedy Infuse Chi.
“A lot of times people come in with non-specific symptoms, not feeling well, tired, fatigued, and you run a battery of tests on them and can’t really put a finger on what it is,” Dr. Nayyar said.

He said one treatment was to hydrate with electrolyte water, Power Ade, Gatorade, Vitamin Water, etc. popular products that oftentimes made patients feel better. The downside is that these products are high in sugar and contain unhealthy artificial coloring.
On Long Island, Dr. Nayyar said patients are educated and are cognizant of what they put in their bodies, so they are concerned about consuming large amounts of sugar and unhealthy byproducts.
As a result, Dr. Nayyar and Dr. Pilip developed Infuse Chi, an all natural electrolyte hydration powder blend fused with key nutrients delivered in a powder for reconstitution in water.
Engineered to replete vital electrolytes, it is all natural and does not include any sugar, artificial coloring or artificial flavors. It is sweetened with natural stevia leaf extract and there are no stimulants such as caffeine.
“We basically looked at each other three years ago and asked ourselves can remake something better, can we fill the gap. This is what we came up with,” Dr. Nayyar said.
Infuse Chi comes in seven flavors: berry lemon, watermelon, fruit punch, tropical refresher, acas pomegranate and citrus. For more information or to order Infuse Chi go to
A 10 ounce container costs $34.95.
Infuse Chi has seven key electrolytes and vitamins with no sugar or artificial coloring and it is naturally sweetened with a coconut water powder base.
“You can hydrate and you get enhanced electrolyte hydration, Vitamin B and Vitamin C, and it is devoid of a lot of these toxic chemicals that people are consuming with a lot of the other major electrolyte hydration products,” Dr. Nayyar said. “People seem to love it. They feel great on it.”
The seven key electrocytes in Infuse Chi are: sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium and phosphorus. It also contains Vitamin B6, B12 and B3 and Vitamin C. ” All of these things work together to provide enhanced hydration,” Dr. Nayyar said.
“People feel well, they feel great and they are not exposing themselves to a lot of artificial products the other drinks have as well as tons of sugar.”

Dr. Nayyar said artificial coloring has been linked to colon cancer and other illnesses. “It comes out in peer review articles and you have to ask what are you doing?” He said.
Dr. Nayyar said he and Dr. Pilip developed Infuse Chi over the past three years. He said they make the drinks tasty with natural flavoring of fruits and melons and he said the coconut water has an underlying flavor to it.
“If you are the type of person who likes to eat Skittles and Starburst, obviously this is not for you. But, if you are the type of person who is cognizant of your health and you have these symptoms and you want to feel better, this is going to be something that will work great for you,” Dr. Nayyar said. “People who drink it, they love it and they feel better. It’s an alternative to anything else that is available. It’s perfect because it fills a void.”
According to Dr. Nayyar, Infuse Chi is manufactured at a facility in Hauppauge and everything that goes into it is all domestic, sourced in the United States. He said they get orders every day on Amazon but that they are also trying to break into retail stores.

He said it hit the market this year and it has received good reviews.
“It is exciting that we have been able to fill the gap,” Dr. Nayyar said.
“Chronic dehydration, chronic volume depletion is a major issue for a lot of people and it is one of the most under-diagnosed things. You can drop an electrolyte by as low as two percent from baseline and feel impaired mentally and physically,” Dr. Nayyar said. “Hydrating yourself appropriately with appropriate electrolytes and vitamins can really change your life and that’s what we’re here to do.
“You can come in with light-headedness and feeling rundown and fatigued or a general feeling of unwell, which we see all the time.
You can go through a million dollar work-up with stress tests, blood work, ultrasounds and everything else, and there’s no answer because there is nothing organically wrong with the organ, nothing wrong with the heart, nothing wrong with the kidney. Then, you start hydrating and you feel great,” Dr. Nayyar said. “So if we look at it from a medical perspective it is super important. That is important because a lot of people don’t have that awareness and a lot of practitioners do not.”